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Bertoldo e Bertoldino (RCA Edizioni lLetterarie EC 04)


During his career Umiliani worked at some odds musical project, some of them dedicated to children audience.
Umiliani, author of the first theme of the show
TV dei Ragazzi, dedicates himself with passion at the Edizioni Letterarie project of the RCA in 1960. For a section of this label, titled "Il Cantastorie", he composes music for the Collodi's Pinocchio with the text adapted by the writer Enrico Luzi. Pinocchio is a great project, a double album that it will be re-released in the Seventies as a set of 45 rpm singles in red vinyl.
Always in 1960 is the time of Bertoldo e Bertoldino with the voices of Carlo Campanini e Alberto Talegalli as narrators.
In 1961, in consequences of the constant success of the movie
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and other Walt Disney's cartoon movies, the RCA proposes to Umiliani a recording of one Album entirely dedicated at the Disney's movies' songs, entitled Le Canzoni di Walt Disney, accompanied bye the Renata Cortiglioni chorus, and with one song performed by the singer Tony Del Monaco.
Some singles were extracted by that album as "
Ehi - Ho" and the theme from "Three Little Pigs".
Another inusual project is the album
"Roma" recorded in the SoundWorkShop Umiliani's studio in 1970 and performed by folk singer and popular actors of the Roman scene as, among others, Franco Lechner aka "Bombolo".
Luisa De Santis performs "Valzer della Toppa" written by Pier Paolo Pasolini and interpreted by many other singers as Laura Betti and Gabriella Ferri.

Pinocchio: X SoundClip X ............................................Bertoldo e Bertoldino: X SoundClip X

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Pinocchio (RCA Edizioni Letterarie EC 02)

Le Canzoni di Walt Disney (RCA PML 10304)

Roma (CGD FGL 5110 - Sound Work Shop Studio)

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